At the moment we’re working on our second album!
On the road, we got inspired by so many things. All the people we met, the beautiful landscapes we drove through, the adventures we experienced. So we wrote about it.
Most of the songs are already recorded in our van.
Stay tuned, ’cause we’ll be releasing the album soon.

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This is our very first album, released on the day we started our road trip. a CD made for the road. A mix of singer-songwriter, jazz, soul and pop music. 11 songs about falling in love, the decision to leave everything behind, driving south and not having any plans.
Sing along while driving up the coast!

“this album tells the beginning of our story. All songs & words by ANAE, a collaboration of Arnan Natan & Anne Elise. Everything was recorded in our room. Mastering by Statinski Mastering.”

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