(pronunciation: èh-nèy)

ANAE is a collaboration of Arnan Natan & Anne Elise,
two crazy artists traveling the world in a VW LT van.

We write songs and play music together,
with a band or with people we meet.
We love to play a mix of pop, soul, jazz, gospel & singer-songwriter. We also make our own musical theatre performances and we like to draw and paint as well. Guess we just love to create and try to combine our talents in different ways.

Soon after we got married in 2016, we realized we didn’t live life to the fullest. We just felt, we’re made to create and discover more. So three months later we bought a van, we decided to quit our jobs and sell our stuff and in summer 2017 we drove off. We didn’t save a lot of money, we didn’t have a destination, we just wanted to leave everything behind, go on an adventure without having any plans. Take a step in faith, trust that God will lead us wherever we go.

we’re still exploring, still learning, still creating.
we want to share it with you guys, through music, words, theatre, performances, visual art, photos, and so on.

© Renske Meinema 2019

Arnan Natan

Arnan Natan Kaemingk (1995) is a multi-instrumentalist known for his never ending energy and his talent for improvisation.

Arnan graduated in 2016 at the ArtEZ conservatory Enschede. He studied jazz, main subjects were saxophone, piano and composing.

Anne Elise

Anne Elise Kaemingk (1992) is a music theatre performer known for her versatility and talent to move the

Anne graduated in 2015 at the ArtEZ conservatory Arnhem. She studied music theatre, main subjects were singing, acting and dancing.