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Wisdom Calls Aloud

Our newest album is out now! Songs written for a time like this. It started out as a protest album against all the confusion and fear. Thirteen songs about relevant topics. Our humble attempt to bring back some of that truth, wisdom, meaning and hope we all long for.

*The CD includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics and hidden messages!

€ 15,- ex. shipping costs

Home Is where you park it

Being on the road, many things inspired us. So after the first 1,5 years of traveling we decided to put all of our adventures into a music album. All songs made on the road. We want to take you with us on a journey to experience the ultimate feeling of Freedom. Perfect for an adventurous roadtrip.

*The CD includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics, photos and travel stories!

€ 10,- ex. shipping costs

Clean your room

Our very first album that tells the first part of our story. Songs about falling in love, getting married, the decision to buy a van, leave everything behind, drive south without having any plans. Sing along while driving up the coast!

*The CD does not contain a booklet, but it’s kind of a collectors item. There are only a few copies left.


Freedom in the air

A song which hopefully brings comfort and peace to many souls. Especially now when the airwaves are filled with so much negativity, we want to send a message of hope and truth into your room.

THE american dream

What is ‘The American Dream’ of this generation? In this world? What is it people are living for and does that fulfill their needs and desires? What do you think ‘The American Dream’ is?

you can find me

Just to be clear; this song is not about religion. In fact, it’s more against religion and against the traditions of a church that proclaims that only the pastor or priest can have that special connection with God. It’s time to rise.

Love is patient

Love. A complicated theme. People already wrote a million songs about it. But what is it really about?

Online Streaming

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